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Chevy C5 Corvette Fusion Axle Back Exhaust System (Round Tips) #FCOR-0150


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Chevy C5 Corvette Fusion Axle Back Exhaust System (Round Tips) #FCOR-0150

All Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems for the C5 come complete with mounting hardware and are direct replacement for stock exhaust systems. Attention to detail in manufacturing means easy installation. No machining. No down time. Just a faster, better sounding, better looking and more muscular Corvette right out of the box.


The Fusion is a bi-modal exhaust system, meaning it has two passages, or modes, that the exhaust can travel through the muffler. Each of the mufflers has two outlets, with one side having a butterfly type valve which allows the exhaust flow to be shut off, regulating which side of the muffler the flows exhaust One side of the muffler is the “quiet” side, and one side is the ‘loud” side. The “quiet” side is a smaller, muffled and chambered tube, while the ‘loud” side is 3″ tubing straight through.

  • 4″ Quad ROUND Double-Wall Tips.
  • Mandrel bent from the highest-grade T-304 stainless steel.
  • Designed, tested, and manufactured to the finest hand-made integrity found in any exhaust system.



What’s the difference between our exhaust systems?

BULLET – Aggressive Sound

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has created the most aggressive C5 performance exhaust system to be released – the Bullet! Not for the meek or mild, the Bullet has quickly become the industry standard for a deep, aggressive muscle car sound on the C5. You can see up to 18 rear wheel horsepower and 17 ft lbs of torque from the Bullet. With Billy Boat Exhausts boldest tip style and configuration insure the C5 will scream ”muscle car”.

PRT – Aggressive Sound at Wide-Open-Throttle, Mild sound at cruise

The Billy Boat Exhaust PRT after-cat system employs exhaust technology unique to the aftermarket So unique, in fact, it doesn’t use a muffler at all. The Billy Boat Exhaust PRT system is simple in design, though more complex in theory, which suggests that you can have a mellow sound at cruising speeds and a sport note when you’re tearing up the streets. It allows true straight through exhaust passage under aggressive driving conditions.

ROUTE 66 – Moderate Sound

Cosmetics on the Route 66 are drastically improved with Billy Boat Exhaust’s exclusive quad 4.5″ wide and 3″ tall, rolled edge tips. The C5 Route 66 System creates a distinctive muscle car idle note that emits a true touring performance sound on the highway and will garner an additional 11 rear wheel horsepower.

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Lifetime Warranty

Have more questions? Contact us!

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket part. READ MORE…

product image WARNING: This product in the physical form it is sold does not present a hazard. However, operations including, but not limited to welding, brazing, or thermal cutting can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead which are known to the State Of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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Download PDF here… FCOR0150


With proper installation your new Billy Boat Exhaust system will last a lifetime. While installation of this product is very simple and straight forward, there are a couple areas that need some attention.

  1. Make sure vehicle is secured to a wheel lift and negative battery cable is disconnected. The complete Fusion control kit is shown in Figure 1. Before proceeding open kit and inspect all components.FCOR-0150install-1
  2. With the hood opened, locate the vacuum ports on the rear of the intake manifold under the electrical connector as seen in the mirror in (Figure 2A), Note. It may be necessary to use a small mirror to see this easier. FCOR-0150install-2aThe large port pointing towards the driver side is for the brake booster and should not be altered. Under the electrical connector pointing towards the passenger side there is a smaller port with a vacuum line connected to it (Figure 2B). FCOR-0150install-2bCarefully remove the 90-degree vacuum fitting from the port. Take the supplied vacuum tee with the small piece of vacuum line (Figure 3) and connect it to the port on the intake manifold (note. One of the two remaining ports should be pointing towards the pass side of the car and the other one downwards). FCOR-0150install-3Next reconnect the 90-degree vacuum line you removed earlier to the side of the tee pointing towards the pass side of the car. Take the long 7/32 vacuum line supplied and connect to remaining port on the tee pointing downward and run the vacuum hose down between the firewall and the rear of the engine.
  3. Raise vehicle and locate vacuum hose and route thru the center tunnel under the automobile, (Note: Using some type of a steel wire such as a coat hanger may make this easier to run thru the tunnel). After exiting the tunnel run the vacuum line up over the rear end following the parking brake cable (Figure 4) towards the center of the rear of car. Using the supplied zip ties secure the vacuum line behind the engine and to the parking brake line at the rear of the car as needed and let remaining line hang for now.FCOR-0150install-4
  4. Lower the vehicle to begin the installation of the Fusion control assembly. Open passenger side door and remove floor mat. Pull down on passenger side floorboard to access fuse block. Locate fuse position #22 (Figure 5A) and insert fuse adapter into fuse block (Figure 5B). FCOR-0150install-5b
  5. FCOR-0150install-5Tuck Fusion control relay under fuse block as shown (Figure 5B). Locate the stud to the bottom right of the fuse block (Figure 5B) and install short ground wire from relay and the solid eyelet on ground wire extension wire (Figure 6) to stud, install and tighten supplied nut. FCOR-0150install-6Route ground extension wire behind right side kick panel up towards the bottom of the dash, loosen bolt shown (Figure 7) and install open end connector and tighten. FCOR-0150install-7Route the blue antenna wire towards the top of the fuse block. Make sure all wires are tucked away, fold back floorboard and re-install mat.
  6. Take remaining wire loom and start routing it towards the rear of the car on the passenger side tucking it under the interior trim working towards the rear. Continue tucking wires under interior trim into right rear corner of the car (Figure 8, 9, 10, 11). Open trunk and remove the board covering the center cargo compartment. Continue running wire harness around pass side rear corner of car and towards the center of car.FCOR-0150install-11 FCOR-0150install-8 FCOR-0150install-10
  7. Take the Fusion control assembly with the vacuum solenoid and accumulator and locate it in the cargo area positioning it towards the pass side (Figure 11). Once positioned press firmly on the outside edges of mounting plate securing the Velcro to the carpeting. Take a measurement from the passenger side of the cargo compartment to the center of the Fusion control assembly plate (Figure 12) and note measurement. Do not make slit in carpet at this time.FCOR-0150install-12
  8. Raise car measure from passenger side of cargo compartment towards the center of the car and make a mark on the vertical part of the compartment above sway bar (Figure 13 Drill one 7/32 hole and one 5/32 hole as shown (Figure 13) being careful not to drill carpeting on inside of cargo compartment. Next take a small punch or pick and poke a hole thru carpeting.FCOR-0150install-13
  9. Take the 5/32 vacuum harness for the valves and route the long vacuum hose to the drivers side muffler vacuum diaphragm and the medium length hose to the passenger side muffler diaphragm housing and connect. Make sure that these hoses are routed over the exhaust. Take the short 5/32 hose coming off tee and the 7/32 hose coming from the engine and insert accordingly into the two holes drilled in the cargo compartment.
  10. Lower car and locate two holes punched thru carpet. Using a razor blade or knife make a 1” slit in the carpeting (Figure 14 and pull both vacuum hoses thru slit. Plug the 7/32 vacuum line onto the vacuum reservoir and the smaller 5/32 hose onto the solenoid (Figure 14) FCOR-0150install-14
  11. Route wire harness from solenoid thru slit in carpet (Figure 14) routing the wire harness under the carpet towards passenger side of car and connect the two wires to the harness coming from the fuse block. Reinstall carpet and cargo cover board.
  12. Raise car one final time and make sure all vacuum lines are tucked up out of the way from the exhaust system or anything that may cause damage and tie off as needed. Once you are sure all lines are secured your installation is complete and you can lower the vehicle.


Fusion Exhaust switch operation.

Now that your install is complete you are ready to test the system. When starting the car, the exhaust valves will normally be open. With the engine running press the “on” button and the valves will close. Press the “off” button and the valves will again open unleashing the beast within.


Thanks again for choosing Billy Boat Exhaust. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free line at 888-228-7435.

Billy Boat Exhaust Safety, Installation and Liability Statements

SAFETY: Appropriate disassembly, assembly methods and procedures are essential to ensure the personal safety of the individual performing the kit installation. Improper installation due to the failure to correctly follow these instructions could cause personal injury or death. Read each step of the installation manual carefully before starting the installation.

  • Always wear safety glasses for eye protection.
  • Place the ignition switch in the OFF position.
  • Always apply the parking brake when working on the vehicle.
  • Block the front and rear tire surfaces to prevent unexpected vehicle movement.
  • Operate the engine only in well-ventilated areas to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide.
  • Do not smoke or use flammable items near or around the fuel system.
  • Use chemicals and cleaners only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Batteries can produce explosive hydrogen gas which can cause personal injury. Do not allow flames, sparks or flammable sources to come near the battery.
  • Keep hands and any other objects away from the radiator fan blades.
  • Keep yourself and your clothing away from moving parts when the engine is running.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can be caught in rotating or moving parts.

VEHICLE SUPPORT WARNING: Should the purchaser decide to install this exhaust product at home, be warned that car or light duty truck/van “bumper” jacks are intended for emergency use only. The use of frame contact jack stands in conjunction with a floor jack as main support is highly recommended to minimize accidental dropping of a vehicle while the installation proceeds. We recommend the use of a shop hoist if possible. Please use caution!

GENERAL STATEMENT OF LIABILITY: While we provide information for do-it-yourself installation of exhaust systems and related items, these operations are not without risk. Injury may occur during an installation or exhaust systems and their components may be damaged in the process. We are not responsible or liable for damages that may be sustained to persons or property during an installation. For this reason, we recommend professional installation as the best option when at all possible. While care has been taken in the preparation of the information contained in this web site, Billy Boat Exhaust and BillyBoatExhaust.com does not and cannot guarantee its accuracy. Anyone accessing this information does so at their own risk. It will be assumed that access indemnifies Billy Boat Exhaust and BillyBoatExhaust.com from any and all injury or damage arising from such use.

LOCAL LAWS & LIMITATION OF LIABILITY/DISCLAIMERS: Local Laws & Limitation of Liability/Disclaimers: The regulation of emissions production, noise levels and safety standards is undertaken by the federal government, each of the fifty state legislatures, and by many local municipalities, towns and counties. The manufacturer makes no warranties of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, or that its products are approved for general use, or that its products comply with laws, regulations or ordinances in the states where they may be sold to the ultimate purchaser, the consumer. The entire risk as to the conformity of this product in any such state and as to repair, should the product prove to be defective or non-conforming, is on the retail purchaser, the buyer, the ultimate consumer of such product and it is not upon the seller, distributor, or manufacturer. In this connection, retail purchaser, the buyer, the ultimate consumer assumes the burden of the entire cost of any and all necessary service, alterations, and or repair. The foregoing statement limits the liability of the manufacturer.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. Our direct line to the sales departments is 1-888-228-7435, ext 18. We are in Phoenix, AZ and can be reached 8am-5pm. Should you have questions that images would help explain, please email Mike at mike@bbexhaust.com.

*Please note, we do not follow daylight savings time if you are contacting us outside of Arizona.

We try to put as much information as possible within our product pages to help with application choice and the installation process. The business you purchased our product from can be a wealth of information, but should you need additional help and information, please feel free to call or our sales department.

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