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2016-2018 Chey Camaro SS Exhaust System

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our newest exhaust product for the Chevy Camaro SS. As you’ve seen watching our video the new Camaros have a good sound stock, but with our Billy Boat Exhaust, they sound just amazing! Our systems are crafted by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry and utilize race technologies established over the years giving BBE the best muscle car sounds on the market. With improved sound comes additional horsepower as well. A full package of headers, x-pipe, and axle-back will give you gains of approximately 35-45 hp on top of your already 505 hp.

There are two ways to get this exhaust…with or without headers. Stock manifolds keep their cats with them. Alternatively, with our headers the cats move down to the front pipes should you decide to keep them. We offer options without cats as well. Check out the chart below to find the part numbers you need for each combination.


Headers FDOM-0365

X-Pipe & Axle-Back

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