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Universal Mufflers & Cylinders

The signature sound of a Billy Boat Exhaust is well known in the exhaust industry. The deep, throaty tone at idle and acceleration and the no-drone in the cabin at cruise is a result of our 25 years of engineering, testing, and experience, both on the street and on the track. We have now made these specialty mufflers available in universal applications. Each type of muffler is designed to “tune” your exhaust system, creating an individual tone that is music to your ears. Below you’ll find two products with our signature BBE technologies and sound controls adaptable to your vehicle project needs.

Universal Timbre Cylinder

Billy Boat Exhaust Timbre Cylinder in of itself was design to define the character or quality of a sound as distinct from its pitch and intensity. Built on the same concept as our PRT Exhaust Systems, the Timbre Cylinder offers a flexible component of design, balance and sound applicable to most any custom exhaust. More than just a variety of baffle designs, we use a cylindrical Helmholtz chamber in each muffler, which is a reflective sound wave device designed to cancel the annoying sound waves which cause “drone” in an exhaust. The name comes from a device created in the 1850s by Hermann von Helmholtz, which he used to identify various frequencies and sound waves. As the exhaust flows by these tubes, pressure is reduced and the sound waves reflect back in the opposite direction.

The Timbre Cylinder can be used separately or in combination with our Benchmark Muffler. Lifetime Limited Warranty


WMUF-0700  2.5” inlet/outlet x 11” long x 5” round case

WMUF-0705  3.0” inlet/outlet x 11” long x 5” round case


Universal Benchmark Muffler

The Billy Boat Exhaust Benchmark Muffler gives you the option to adopt our classic deep, throaty muscle car tone on a universal level. While most muffler companies use a standard round tube design, Billy Boat Exhaust uses a square tube design. This tube design allows for more volume in the muffler tube and also allows for more perforated surface area inside the tube. More volume means better flow and less restriction, while the increased surface area means more perforated material to absorb sound waves. We also use perforated arrows inside the tubes to direct the exhaust flow in a lazy S pattern, helping to increase the efficiency of the absorption side of the muffler. You’ll also find two different types of packing materials in our mufflers, a stainless steel mesh material and an extremely high temperature ceramic material. The stainless steel mesh is wrapped around all muffler cores to add a layer of durability to each muffler, while the ceramic material is used as a soft packed void fill around the core of the muffler chamber. Utilizing these different packing materials around perforated square tube cores is equally as important as the design, as different materials have different acoustic properties. These materials are durable and provide a lifetime of enjoyment…yet also emit the rich tones which create our deep, throaty muscle car signature tone. Use separately or in combination with our Timbre Cylinder.

Use separately or in combination with our Timbre Cylinder. Lifetime Limited Warranty

WMUF-0600  2.5” CENTER inlet/CENTER outlet 9”x5” oval case 16” long

WMUF-0605  2.5” OFFSET inlet/CENTER outlet 9”x5” oval case 16” long

WMUF-0650  3” CENTER inlet/CENTER outlet 9”x5” oval case 16” long

WMUF-0655  3” OFFSET inlet/CENTER outlet 9”x5” oval case 16” long


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