Hummer H2 Exhaust Installation Guide

Remove Factory Exhaust

Your Billy Boat exhaust system was designed to be a direct replacement exhaust system, while offering the best performance, finish and value available from a stainless steel exhaust system. Proper installation will ensure a lifetime of quality and performance from this product.

Disconnect the NEG (-) battery terminal. Disconnecting power from your vehicle may allow the computer to “clear” its memory during installation. Loosen and remove bolts from flange and loosen clamp bolt.

Remove stock system from rubber hangers keeping in mind that it may be necessary to cut the stock system just behind the muffler for easy removal.

Install your new H2 Muffler

Install muffler using stock rubber hangers. Do not tighten anything until the entire system is in place. Once system is in place, start tightening the bolts and the clamp at the front and work your way back tightening the remaining clamps. Tighten the flange evenly. It may be necessary to work the muffler up with the flange. Once the flange is pulled up evenly and it is sealed around the ball, tighten the front clamp then work your way back. Make sure tip is aligned before tightening the rear clamp.

It is normal for stainless steel to discolor slightly. To ensure a quality, lasting finish, thoroughly wipe down the entire system before starting. Reconnect the battery NEG (-) terminal. Start vehicle. With the vehicle running at an idle, check for exhaust leaks at each connection. If there is a leak, check that the mounting hardware is tight.