VW Golf-R Sports Exhaust System
Part Number Application Features Year  
FPIM-0360 Golf-R 4" Round Tips Catback 2012-Present ORDER
FPIM-0361 Golf-R Complete System Turbo Back with 4" Tips 2012-Present ORDER
FPIM-0478 Golf-R/A3 3" Downpipe with Reducer 2012-Present ORDER

New VW Golf-R Sports Exhaust System

Precision crafted using 100% T-304 stainless steel and mandrel bending, this exhaust system is manufactured as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory system. By utilizing the factory mounting locations this system requires absolutely no cutting, welding, or modifications for installation. All Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems for the VW Golf-R come complete with mounting hardware and are direct replacement for stock exhaust systems. Attention to detail in manufacturing means easy installation. No machining. No down time. Just a faster, better sounding, better looking VW right out of the box. Guaranteed for life against corrosion, rust or burn through and two years for materials and workmanship. Because stock just doesn't cut it for VW owners.

Golf-R full rear view
Golf-R rear close-up
VW Golf-R angled rear view

VW Golf-R Exhaust

Golf-R owners sought after and got their car in the first place because they knew exactly what they wanted: slick, rip-roaring fun fresh out of the box--but also with a potential for so much more. Enter Billy Boat Performance Exhaust. We've built a system tailored to you, the VW Golf-R owner's needs. We've maintained our standards of maximum exhaust flow, no interior resonance or 'drone', simple installation, and the highest hand-built quality that our loyal customers and fans have confidently relied on for over 25 years. Therefore, we decided to take the Golf-R exhaust system to a whole 'nother level.

Billy Boat Exhaust - The Golf R Enthusiast's Power Broker

That's right, for all you VW Golf-R exhaust fans, we've heard your requests in the forums. At B&B Exhaust, we've followed the ultimately-disappointed buyers of other VW aftermarket exhaust makers (some of which aren't that bad), and determined exactly what you were looking for. And we put all of our research into our revolutionary T-304 B&B stainless steel 2.0T perfected-pitch Golf-R's exhaust system.

Whether you go with the Catback, or the entire Turbo Back system, you're going to get all of the above downright singing into your ears, with a mellow, and yet deep, throaty sound. We made a video, recording that precise, satisfying sound that says to the world, "My Golf-R is in the front of the pack. It's unique. It's better, and it's--"...well, go ahead and see for yourself. We've already received rave reviews, as our "early adopters" are finding out why the B&B Golf-R Performance Exhaust is, unequivocally, the absolute best.

The Benefits of the PRT Sport Exhaust for the VW Golf-R

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust line of performance exhaust for the Volkswagen Golf R incorporates the latest in resonance control technology, B&B’s proprietary Purge Resonance Technology or PRT as it is known. Completely reengineered the PRT system allows you to have a mild exhaust note at cruising speeds yet a forceful note on aggressive driving. The complex yet simple design gives you the increased sound and performance you are looking for with its straight through design on moderate to hard acceleration and then the unique purge chambers cancel out the unwanted interior noise during low rpm cruising speeds.

4" Exhaust Tips

The development team here at Billy Boat Performance Exhaust did extensive testing on the complete exhaust system for the Golf-R, looking at multiple applications and sizings. We found the best performance and best turbo spool-up to be with the 4" tip. This allows us maintain the low restriction at the turbo for quick acceleration, while gradually increasing the exhaust velocity throughout the system with smaller diameter mufflers and outlets for greater horsepower and torque. This VW Golf-R is in and of itself a very fun vehicle, Now, with a custom Billy Boat exhaust system added in, your Golf-R can become truly great.

Golf-R rear close-up

Golf-R exhaust system tips

Golf-R exhaust under the car

Golf-R exhaust under the car

VW Golf-R w Billy Boat exhaust system

VW Golf-R w Billy Boat exhaust system

VW Golf-R bottom view