BMW E60 535TT Exhaust
Part Number Application Features Year  
FBMW-3115 E60 535TT 3.5" Round Tips 2006- ORDER

BMW E60 535TT Sport Exhaust Systems

Precision crafted using 100% T-304 stainless steel and mandrel bending, this exhaust system is manufactured as a easy replacement for the factory system. By utilizing the factory mounting locations this system requires a single cut of the factory system and a supplied clamp for installation. All Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems for the BMW E60 535TT come complete with mounting hardware and are direct replacement for stock exhaust systems. Attention to detail in manufacturing means easy installation. No machining. No down time. Just a faster, better sounding, better looking BMW E60 535TT Exhaust right out of the box. Guaranteed for life against corrosion, rust or burn through and two years for materials and workmanship.

The Benefits of the new PRT Sport Exhaust for the BMW E60 535TT

Billy Boat Performance Exhaust line of performance exhaust for the BMW E60 535TT incorporates the latest in resonance control technology, B&B’s proprietary Purge Resonance Technology or PRT as it is known. Completely reengineered the PRT system allows you to have a mild exhaust note at cruising speeds yet a forceful note on aggressive driving. The complex yet simple design gives you the increased sound and performance you are looking for with its straight through design on moderate to hard acceleration and then the unique purge chambers cancel out the unwanted interior noise during low rpm cruising speeds.

3.5" Exhaust

The development team here at Billy Boat Performance Exhaust did extensive testing on the muffler exhaust system for the BMW E60 535TT , looking at the both the 3.0" exhaust and the 3.5" exhaust. We found the best performance and best turbo spool-up to be with the 3.5 muffler system, which is slightly larger than the factory system. This allows us maintain the low restriction muffler for quick acceleration, while gradually increasing the exhaust velocity throughout the system for greater horsepower and torque. These results have been confirmed by the chassis dyno and by our customers. The use of our PRT muffler design keeps the tone aggressive yet unobtrusive.

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TT Full car

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System Features

* CNC mandrel bent T304 stainless steel tubing throughout entire system

* Hand fabricated T304 stainless mufflers incorporating B&B’s Purge Resonance Technology

* 3.5” round double wall tips enhance the cars appearance

* Muffler and tips are fully polished to a mirror like finish

* Available with "Satin Black" finish on the tips

* Performance increases of 15HP and 30Ft-Lbs of torque

* Reduced turbo lag

* Straight forward installation, no welding required, includes all mounting hardware

* Limited LIFETIME warranty

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System Tips

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust System Under Car

BMW E60 535TT

BMW E60 535TTExhaust System Under Car

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust Dyno Chart

Installation Guides

BMW E60 535TT Exhaust

Exterior Sound Level Tests

  700 RPM¹ 4000 RPM²
Stock 60 dBA 70 dBA
B&B Exhaust 65 dBA 75 dBA
Exterior tests were conducted from 10ft behind the car. ¹Idle. ² RevUp.

Interior Sound Level Tests

MPH 40 60 75
Stock 69 dBA 70 dBA 71 dBA
B&B Exhaust 70 dBA 71 dBA 72 dBA
Measured during normal, cruising driving conditions.
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